Intelligent displays

What is a Riverdi Intelligent Display?

An intelligent display is a smart solution for integrating the video processing unit with the display, so the image is processed by the display itself. It is driven by Bridgetek EVE graphics controller – Embedded Video Engine. EVE display technology was developed with graphics and video applications in mind. It blends three major functionalities – audio, display, and touch.

What are the main benefits?

  • Save processing resources, like memory and bandwidth.
  • Spend less time and costs on programming.
  • Create high-quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).
  • Set up and run your display with ease.
  • Boost the overall cost-efficiency of the device.

Latest EVE4 Intelligent Display Series

We combined BT817Q – the most powerful graphics controller on the market – with an industrial-grade touch panel to bring you Riverdi Intelligent Displays. See more EVE4 options here.

Switch from the older EVE display to the EVE4 Intelligent Display

If you are using older generations of EVE FTDI/BRIDGETEK controllers please see the migration guide on how to switch to the latest one EVE4 series. EVE4 is a high brightness IPS intelligent display series with BT817Q graphics controller.

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